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The Rapozo Gallery is a very personal collection reflecting the interests, aesthetic tastes, philosophical sentiments and the travels of Wayne James Rapozo de Costa. The gallery includes works of art that cover a range of time periods, movements and schools and seeks to include representative works of artists and movements, in each case that reflected, shaped or challenged we are and what we do. ¬†Particular attention is given to drawings and preliminary works as they often provide a deeper insight into an artist’s work style, thinking, and creativity. The gallery also includes maps and prints and antiquarian books.

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Restoration: Lebourg, Les Falaises

A LeBourg painting has been recently acquired by the gallery. The piece is called Les Falaises (The Cliffs). We are ...

Finding Foggini

Part of the mystery behind an old master's drawing is to find out more about its provenance, background, and related ...