What We Do


 Who we are

The Rapozo Gallery is a very personal collection reflecting the interests, aesthetic tastes, philosophical sentiments and the travels of Wayne James Rapozo de Costa, a collector based in London. The collection includes works of art that cover a range of time periods, movements and schools and seek to include representative works of artists and movements, in each case that reflected, shaped or challenged our cultures, civilisations, aspirations and sense of self.

Why we do what we do

As with much of life, we are all stewards of material things we come to own and intangible cultural norms we come to inherit and shape. The items in this collection are viewed with a deep sense of stewardship with respect to the works, their history and the events, times and moments they chronicled.

What we have

The Collections include works of art that Mr. Rapozo has acquired over time and reflects his birth and upbringing in Hawaii and his education, work, interests, and travels as an international finance lawyer based in London.  He has been assisted by curator scholars from Universities in London and the artistic teams of the major auction houses in London, Paris and New York.  The collection includes works of fine art including paintings, drawings and objects covering a range of time periods and artistic movements, antique maps and prints and antiquarian books (notably travel journals and first edition books).

The collection includes works of fine art that cover a range of time periods, movements and schools and seek to include representative works of artists and movements that reflected, shaped or challenged we are and what we do.  The gallery seeks to include works of artists and movements that were indicative of their times and how they affected our cultures, civilisations, aspirations and sense of self.  Particular attention is given to drawings and preliminary works as they often provide a deeper insight into an artist’s work style, thinking, and creativity.  Writing an idea or sketching a thought on a clean sheet of paper can make a world of difference.

Many of the works reflect themes that are important to culture and history in Hawaii.  A special gallery called the Kama’aina Gallery contains paintings and drawings that have subjects, themes and sentiments that are of particular importances to Hawaii.

Contact us and start a dialogue.  Museums, curators, scholars, collectors, galleries and the trade may contact the Rapozo Gallery through the Contact Page.

 Signature Gifts

The gallery, from time to time, assists friends of the gallery in finding an item of significance for a friend, colleague or loved one. A work of art, an edition of a book, a map or a book that captures the personal, academic or personal interests of the person concerned associated with the family background or ethnic descent of the person is often a well received gift. The gallery works with art galleries, map dealers and book dealers in reviewing the range of items in inventory to make suitable recommendations. We often work with young curators and art students who take a keen interest in advising and finding the ideal item.

Please contact the gallery if you would like to discuss the signature gift and various other approaches you can take in this respect. Contact Page.


The Gallery seeks to share information with other collectors, scholars, museums, galleries and the trade with a view toward facilitating the proper appreciation, care, and study of the items.  Works are added and sold, from time to time, as part of refining the collection and as part of ensuring that works of art are in the best hands where, accordingly, they can be best appreciated.    A private collection ideally should be dynamic rather than static and reflect the tastes, sentiments and vision of the collector as things may evolve and change.  Works of art may be and are loaned to museums, not profit associations, and scholars as part of special exhibitions or study of works of art.  Works of art are also the subject of collaborative efforts with other galleries that are more of a commercial nature as part of their selling or exchanging works of art for and on behalf of the Rapozo Gallery .  On occasion, the Rapozo Gallery has assisted friends of the Gallery in identifying a signature gift for a special loved one, whether it be a book, map or painting that reflects the life, career, history and sentiment of the gift recipient concerned.  We work with our inventory in the first instance and also cooperate with dealers, galleries, private collectors and auctions houses to review the works that they have and recommend a work that ideally fit the needs of the gift recipient.