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The antiquarian and rare book collection contains a range of antiquarian books, notably the journals, recollections, maps and drawings of the great sea voyages and land expeditions of explorations and discovery and first or early editions of classic European literature.   In addition, the book collection has important Hawaiian historical documents and other books of importance to Hawaiian culture and history.   Several books are included in this initial launch of the online gallery.  A fuller catalogue, listing names, descriptions and related images are to be added later. They can be searched by author/explorer or by geographical region. Special thanks is given to Sam and Mary Cooke of Honolulu Hawaii for their guidance and encouragement in my book collecting  and their sharing their appreciation and knowledge of travel books, literature and Hawaiiana over the years.   Special thanks is also given to my tutors of my teenage years who opened their libraries and introduced me to the great books, most notably the late Maili Yardley of Kauai Hawaii.  She was an accomplished journalist, author, historian and home cultural chef.  A few words and a few books can and should make the difference in how we see the world. The Rapozo Gallery has worked with friends of the gallery to identify books that have special meaning to a loved one such as a topic, author or genre of sentimental significance.   We work with our own collection and liaise with dealers and private collectors.